70-year-old man convicted for writing an insulting comment on Facebook

By | February 28, 2019

Some countries are extremely rigorous towards hate speech. The court imposed a penalty for writing a Facebook comment on a 70-year-old Swedish citizen.

Hate speech

The sense of anonymity and impunity in the network is apparently accompanied by internauts of all ages.

Interestingly, the case concerns a 70-year-old citizen of this country, who in the commentary to the article that only one in five citizens of Somalia has a job wrote that “no Somali man can work, they are the most lazy people in the world”. The case ended in a Swedish court that sentenced the 70-year-old to a fine of 700 euros.

The court considered that the above statement falls under the category of hate speech, offends the nationality of Somali citizens, does not present any facts and in no way contributes to a “constructive debate”. Right punishment? Or could the court overdo it a little? What do you think?