A huge financial penalty for Morele.net

By | September 19, 2019

Everything seems to indicate that the Morele.net store suffers severe consequences due to leakage of customers' personal data. He will be obliged to pay almost PLN 3 million in fine.

Morele.net punished

This is an event that took place last December. It was then that we learned that the cybercriminal attack on Morele.net resulted in the leakage of clients' personal data. As the store informed at the time, "there was unauthorized access to personal data," including email addresses, phone numbers, names, and access passwords. Importantly, the number of victims exceeded 2 million people.

It is not surprising that the case was closely examined by the Office for Personal Data Protection (UODO). As a result, he decided to impose a financial penalty on Morele.net for the lack of adequate security. As reported by Puls Biznesu, in the amount of PLN 2.8 million. It will be a record punishment in the history of UODO.

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What's next with Morele.net?

For now, we are waiting for the official announcement from UODO. We already know, however, that even after the official announcement of the imposition of the penalty, the Morele.net store will function normally. This is confirmed by representatives of the store, who at the same time announce that they will request a review of the case.

"We do not agree with the assessment of the collected evidence, which is why we want the case to be reconsidered with the participation of independent experts. There is no order to immediately pay the penalty indicated by the office, hence this situation does not affect the ongoing operation of the group. " – RadosÅ‚aw Stasiak, vice president of IT at Morele.net

Source: Puls Biznesu