Adobe bought Oculus Medium

By | December 7, 2019

Medium joins the Adobe family. From an entry on the Oculus website, we learn that Adobe has bought a virtual reality sculpting program created in 2016 by Facebook's VR company. We will see new updates in 2020.

The medium will remain free for people who have the Oculus virtual reality system.

Nothing changes for the time being, but Adobe is expected to introduce more features and improvements in the future. The company's plans assume that Medium will create a 3D texture creation program (Adobe Substance). The program fits very well with existing Adobe offers.

Medium and virtual reality

The medium was supposed to be a program for mass users, but it turned out a great tool for game developers AAA, independent, VFX and all sorts of artists, i.e. the perfect target for Adobe client. The Medium team wants to preserve the existing community gathered around virtual reality. This is especially important in a situation where the community is small. Users (who are both professionals and amateurs) are largely responsible for pointing the direction in which to use the available VR tools. Selling a Medium to Adobe is an important community event showing the continuous development of virtual reality software. This clearly shows that soon VR will no longer be used only to play games.

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Oculus VR

Why did Oculus sell Medium?

Oculus seems to focus more on the development of Quill, a painting program for artists. This is an intuitive tool for creating illustrations and animations, allowing the user to create in virtual reality on an endless surface. The company apparently decided that Medium would be better suited for people who traditionally design in 3D. In that case, actually selling Adobe could have been a good move.

Adobe's impact on the VR world

The medium will be able to develop further and become an increasingly better tool for artists, strengthening its position as a professional 3D sculpting program. Many are wondering what changes and news will be introduced in the near future by Adobe. The program is currently free.

The giant leads the market in graphic software, so we can certainly expect many effects and upgrades in the tools themselves to create the 3D world. However, many opponents of the company's policy may be dissatisfied with the sale decision made by Oculus.

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Will all this come out well for the users in 2020. It is worth being up to date and see the evolution of Medium yourself.

Source: Oculus

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