AiO cooling for Intel and AMD processors

By | January 13, 2020

MSI is another manufacturer that has prepared AiO cooling. This time, however, a slightly different project was adopted, which is to translate into better design properties.

Until recently, MSI was associated only with laptops, motherboards and graphics cards, but it does not stop there and gradually extends its offer with more products. During the CES, the manufacturer presented its first AiO coolers, which caused a lot of confusion in the network.

MSI MAG Core Liquid – another idea for AiO cooling

We are talking about the MAG Core Liquid series, which includes two models – with a 240 mm (MAG Core Liquid 240R / RH) and 360 mm (MAG Core Liquid 360R / RH) radiator. The first will fit into smaller housings, while the second will provide better performance.

The manufacturer boasts that the heat sink used is expected to have better heat dissipation efficiency, and the long, flexible hoses allow for convenient arrangement of the structure.

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MSI MAG Core Liquid 240R

An interesting fact is the construction of the cooling, because, unlike typical AiO sets, the processor itself is mounted on the water block itself, and the pump was moved to the radiator. This solution is meant to reduce noise and reduce vibration transmitted to the motherboard and processor.

MSI MAG Core Liquid 360R

There could also be a backlight – these were found on the water block and fans. In the case of MAG Core Liquid sets we are dealing with programmable backlight (ARGB LED), and the lighting effects can be controlled from the level of the added controller or motherboard (Mystic Light Sync). MAG Core Liquid H versions do not have an additional controller.

MAG Core Liquid cooling compatible with new Intel processors?

MSI MAG Core Liquid 240R and 360R

The specification of MAG Core Liquid sets is also noteworthy. Initially, the compatibility list also included the LGA 1200 socket, which the new Intel Comet Lake processors are to use. However, the manufacturer quickly removed the news with the specification and replaced it with the version without the LGA 1200 socket. Did someone hurry with the publication? 🙂

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How do MAG Core Liquid models look? We will find out after independent tests. It is also difficult to assess the profitability of the sets, because the manufacturer has not yet disclosed details about their availability.

Source: MSI

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