Amazon employees are more likely to have accidents due to robots

By | December 9, 2019

Are you going to buy Christmas presents on Amazon? Millions of parcels, loads of orders, speed of sending goods and our convenience may end badly for employees of this network.

The introduction of robots to perform heavier tasks for people was intended not only to speed up work, but also to make it easier for people. And in general this is the case – all machines significantly increase the pace of plants and the quality of work in all areas. So what's wrong with Amazon?

Machine revolt at Amazon

A comprehensive report containing a lot of detailed information on the security of this company has recently been published. From the collected data it is clear that the number of accidents in the company is twice as high as in other places. By default, all injuries occur in 4 out of 100 employees, but in Amazon this number increases to 9.6. We are talking here about injuries significantly limiting the possibility of performing work or even requiring dismissal.

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The situation is even worse in robotic warehouses. The report describes the security status of 23 warehouses in the United States, with the highest injury rates recorded in Oregon (26 per 100 employees).


Amazon has introduced robots to increase performance and security. They provide employees with goods from shelves so that they do not have to spend half the day wandering between the shelves. They also throw the goods onto the tape.

However, employees are of the opinion that robots even make it difficult for them to perform their tasks. The necessity of very fast work meant that many neglect their security to be able to manage everything. Machines just can't keep up. Without working at the required speed, the employee is listed, and if he does not improve – he is dismissed.

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Guilty machine or man?

The high number of accidents, of course, is not proof that robots directly contribute to hurting people. Warehouses with the lowest wounds also use robots.

So where is the crux of the matter? Information on the policy of fast work at Amazon has been flowing for many years. As a result of carrying heavy goods, employees suffer severe back injuries and joint problems. Many of these people end up with disabilities. There have also been fatal cases.


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