AMD increases its market share in the processor

By | November 8, 2019

The manufacturer has been increasing its share in the x86 processor market for the tenth quarter in a row. Intel should start to fear "reds".

AMD has reasons to celebrate. According to analysts from the Mercury Research center, the manufacturer is constantly increasing its share in the x86 processor market – we just got to know the estimates for the third quarter of 2019.

AMD is becoming stronger on the processor market

The largest share concerns the desktop segment – the manufacturer already covers 18% of the market here. In the mobile segment it is 14.7 and 15.8% respectively. The weakest result was recorded on the server market, where the equipment, however, is not replaced so quickly – it is only 4.3%.

SegmentShares Q3 2019The difference from Q2 2019The difference from Q3 2018
Servers (outside of IoT)4.30%+0.9 pp+2.7 pp
Desktop computers18.00%+0.9 pp+5 pp
Laptops (outside of IoT)14.70%+0.7 pp+3.8 pp
Generally14.60%+0.7 pp+4 pp
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Importantly, in each of the mentioned segments the producer recorded an increase in shares. These are often the best results since the end of 2013 (only for desktops similar shares were recorded at the end of 2014).

Good AMD processors are the recipe for success

It's no secret that the increase in shares is associated with successful prime minister. At the beginning of the third quarter, great Ryzen 3000 processors debuted, and then Epyc 7002 units appeared – very successful models for servers. Further manufacturers are also preparing laptops with mobile Ryzen 3000 units.

According to a published report, the ASP (Average Selling Price) ratio for desktop processors and overall AMD processors will be high in the long term. The latest financial statements have also confirmed record-high revenues from the sale of processors.

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Intel remains a market leader

It is true that AMD is increasing its share, but Intel remains the leader in the processor market. Despite incomparably better results, the manufacturer should pay attention to the smaller competitor, which is becoming an increasing threat to him.

Competition between Intel and AMD is increasing, so customers should also have reason to be satisfied.

Source: Mercury Research, inf. own

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