Autonomous robots change logistics – an example from DB Schenker

By | November 20, 2019

DB Shenker is another company that has attempted to increase productivity and relieve the human crew in their warehouse, using autonomous logistics robots.

What is particularly important in this project and skeptics is the argument that such automation involves major "renovations" of halls, that no modification of the facilities was necessary. Autonomous robots employed to work in the DB Schenker warehouse in Leipzig are able to increase the efficiency of logistics processes without it.

What can logistics works in DB Shenker warehouse do?

The innovative robots were designed by engineers from Gideon Brothers. They are able to transport goods weighing up to 800 kilograms and efficiently and safely navigate the halls where people also work invariably and other machines are working. The Robot Autonomy System allows this, combining stereoscopic cameras with artificial intelligence, namely deep learning. AND when the battery runs out, they change it without interrupting work – downtime is therefore out of the question.

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DB Schenker works

What exactly do robots in Leipzig do? Their task is to automate the processes that make up orders. Meanwhile, the human team is focusing on other tasks that require thinking and precision.

Machines perceive the world like people, so they can relieve them

"Our machines perceive the world as we do: processing visual data, understanding what surrounds them and how it relates to the tasks entrusted to them – commented Matija Kopić, who is the head of the Gideon Brothers company. – This is a huge technological progress. Self-propelled devices based on artificial intelligence will be successful where the previous technology has failed and will become ubiquitous in the industrial sector. "

DB Schenker transport

In fact, more and more companies are choosing this type of automation. Recently, robots appeared in Zalando magazine, they have been working at Amazon for years, and they will replace 90 percent at Uniqlo. the crew. However, this last example is unique because it is decisive most companies treat robots only as a complement to and relieve employees.

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Source: DB Schenker, own information

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