Boeing: real X-Wing fighters – an attraction for Star Wars fans

By | December 9, 2019

Boeing engineers are working hard to make what we now call science fiction become a reality. And in several different ways – on the one hand they prepare a Starliner manned space capsule, on the other – they pull X-Wings from the screens to the sky.

Boeing created real flying X-Wings and presented them at an important event for Star Wars fans – the opening of the Rise of the Resistance attractions at Disney World, Florida. Each such machine is the size of a van and (most probably – there is no official information) it is a specially redesigned drone based on the Cargo Air Vehicle design.

See the X-Wings hovering above Disney World:

The fiercest fans of the Star Wars universe have certainly noticed that they are X-Wings in the T-70 variant, and therefore those from the current trilogy. This is not surprising – Rise of the Resistance is an attraction embedded just during the episodes VII-IX. Recall that the latter, entitled Star Wars: Skywalker. The revival will hit theaters next week, December 19.

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CAV, or what did Boeing serve us here?

It is also worth a few words to mention the Cargo Air Vehicle design – these are fully electric Boeing flying machines, whose first specific tests successfully ended in May. These drones have 6 double rotors and can carry a load of over 220 kilograms into the air, which means considerable potential for practical applications.

In turn, with the presentation of such (as if there were) impractical solutions like the X-Wings described here, Boeing does a good job in terms of marketing. And that by the way you would like to drop into Disney World, that's another matter …

Source: TechCrunch, TechSpot, own information

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