Built-in and free VPN will go to the mobile Opera for Android

By | August 13, 2019

Until April last year, Opera had its own VPN application, but for reasons not explained so far decided to resign from this project. After the sudden abolition of the program from the Play Store, the developers of the browser encouraged users to use SurfEasy VPN. However, it turns out that Opera has been preparing a surprise for its consumers all the time.

We are talking about a VPN built-in to the standard Opera browser in the version for Android devices. Most importantly, the function is free, which distinguishes it from many paid programs. According to the company, the novelty is aimed at strengthening the control and privacy of browsing – the Opera VPN is of course also more convenient, because you only need to enter the Settings tab and activate it.

Browser developers consider the needs of users who are constantly demanding an additional layer of protection during their daily browsing as the reason for creating a built-in VPN. Opera emphasizes that the service does not collect any users’ data sent by servers.

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But how does the built-in VPN work? After turning it on, we choose the virtual location (continent) and our IP address is also replaced by the virtual IP address. In this way, tracking our location and device identification is much more difficult. For now, the novelty is only available in the beta version of the browser.