Christmas gifts from the Patriot stable

By | December 7, 2019

If you are looking for electronics under the Christmas tree, be sure to see what Patriot has in its offer. This well-known manufacturer offers, among others, SSDs, RAM memory and USB sticks at very attractive prices.

Patriot is a known and recognized producer of computer components. The company's RAM is especially popular, but it has many other products on offer, such as SSD SATA and SSD M.2 PCIe.

Suggestions for a Christmas gift from the Patriot company

Is it time to give your loved one (or maybe yourself?) An SSD, RAM or a nice flash drive? Take a look at these Patriot offers.

Patriot Burst 480 GB (PBU480GS25SSDR) – 2.5-inch SSD

Is it time to change to SSD? This is a very good moment, because 2.5-inch SSDs equipped with SATA III interface are currently available at very attractive prices. Not to look far – even a 480 GB Patriot Burst. Currently, you can find it at a price of around PLN 200. Sin not take advantage!

Patriot Burst SSD 480 GB

Patriot Burst 480 GB version boasts performance of up to 560 MB / s in sequential read and 540 MB / s in write. They are practically values ​​that make the most of the SATA III interface. At the same time, random reading and writing of small samples can reach 60k IOPS. The design is based on a Phison S11 controller and 32 MB cache.

Burst SSD is only 7 millimeters thick so it will also work on thin laptops or ultrabooks. The manufacturer gives him a 3-year warranty limited by the TBW ratio of 425 TB.

Patrion VPN100 512 GB (VPN100-512GM28H) – fast SSD M.2 NVMe

Are you looking for something much faster, but at a reasonable price? This is Patriot VPN100 – M.2 SSD using the PCI Express bus. The 512 GB version currently costs just over PLN 300.

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Patriot VPN100

This medium allows the speed of 3100 MB / s to read and 2200 MB / s to write, and thus outclasses the capabilities of traditional SSD SATA (2.5 inches). Therefore, this is not the top representative of M.2 NVMe SSD, but its price is very attractive and the options are very decent.

The media is based on the Phison E12 controller and supports the PCI Express Gen3 x4 interface and NVMe 1.3 protocol. As you can easily see, the Patriot VPN100 is equipped with a solid heat sink, so it is a design designed for desktop computers, but at the same time we do not have to worry about overheating and a decrease in performance.

Patriot Viper Blackout 16GB 3600MHz CL17 (PVB416G360C7K) – two-channel DDR4 fast RAM memory set

Is it time to boost your computer with a fast RAM memory set? Patriot Viper kits have not yet disappointed anyone and often have excellent OC potential. Today 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) is the optimal choice, and the operating frequency of 3600 MHz will ensure faster computer performance – including games.


To the advantages of this set you can certainly add the low access time (CL17), as well as heat sinks that ensure the right temperature of RAM. This Patriot Viper 16GB 3600 MHz set currently costs around 340 PLN and is covered by a lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

If you are looking for tests of these memories, it is worth taking a look at our review Patriot Viper Blackout – it is worth mentioning that this set has received (rarely awarded) the Super Product award and will work great not only in sets with AMD Zen 2 (third generation Ryzen), but also with Intel processors.

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Patriot Viper RGB 16GB 3200MHz CL16 BLACK (PVR416G320C6K) – illuminated and fast DDR4 RAM

Your housing is equipped with a window and you are looking for a bit more effective memory? Patriot Viper RGB is (according to the name) equipped with backlight, thanks to which the interior of your computer will look really impressive.

Patriot RGB RAM

This 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) set offers a working frequency of 3200 MHz, with delays (CL) 16. We will currently pay around PLN 420 for this particular memory set. Of course, the backlight can be controlled using software provided by the manufacturer.

Patriot Trinity 128 GB (PEF128GTRI3USB) – fast and capacious USB flash drive with three USB connectors (type A, type C and micro USB)

Do you need a fast and roomy USB stick? But wait – it has to be classic, i.e. for USB type A, or maybe for micro USB or USB type C? Why choose Patriot Trinity has all three connectors! For a 128 GB model, we will pay only about PLN 100.

Patriot Trinity flash drive

This unusual USB flash drive based on the USB 3.1 interface offers transfers up to 200 MB / s, and thanks to the ergonomic design you will be able to easily transfer large amounts of data even between a smartphone and a computer. The manufacturer covered it with a two-year warranty.

The article was created in cooperation with the Patriot company

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