Chromium based Microsoft Edge is coming with new features

By | November 5, 2019

Microsoft has presented plans for the near future related to the Edge browser. They can definitely be called ambitious. Here are the specifics.

The new Microsoft Edge is not just a new engine and a new logo

The biggest difference between the old and new versions of Microsoft Edge is the engine, and therefore its heart. Instead of EdgeHTML, the giant from Redmond chose the proven open source solution in the form of Chromium – the same that Google Chrome or Opera uses. In this way, he wants to satisfy us, users and those who create websites and web applications.

Before we get to what functions the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser will offer, see its new logo that clearly highlights the break with the past called Internet Explorer …

Microsoft Edge Chromium logo

Microsoft Edge will gain new features to fight as equal to competitors

The redesigned Edge will be faster, It will offer "collecting" pages and notes for your own needs or for sharing and will allow you to use the dark mode. It will also support cross-platform synchronization, so that we can transfer our passwords, browsing history and bookmarks between a computer with Windows or macOS and a smartphone or tablet with Android or iOS.

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Above all, however based on the Chromium Microsoft Edge engine will care more about our security, for example, with improved private mode and default blocking of tools that track network activity. This is a solution that has recently found its way to competing programs – Chrome and Firefox.

Microsoft Edge Chromium security

There will also be several functions to attract professionals. He will be among them search for colleagues, building plans and business acronym definitions from the address bar. All this thanks to the processing of internal company data.

Microsoft Edge Chromium business

The Chromium Edge browser will debut in early 2020

The tests are almost finished and that is why Microsoft could announce that the browser Chromium Edge will see the light of day on January 15, 2020. The first version of this new program right away will be available not only on Windows 10, but also Windows 8 and Windows 7 and macOS. Already at the start you will be able to choose one of 90 languages.

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Microsoft Edge Chromium start

If you're not interested in waiting and now you want to check how the redesigned Edge looks and works, you can download its test version from the official site.

So it looks like the new Microsoft Edge will be faster and safer, provide greater compatibility, and combine the search for external and internal information. Do you think that sounds great too?

Source: Microsoft, TechRadar, Engadget, inf. own

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