Code Vein – (extended) demo for download

By | September 22, 2019

Next week, we will finally see the premiere of Code Vein, which according to the first announcements was to debut on the market last year. Was it worth the wait? You can get an answer today by checking the demo.

Code Vein is an action RPG created by the authors of the God Eater series, which combines the mechanics known from Dark Souls with the atmosphere and style of anime. Already September 27, 2019 it will debut on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles and personal computers, and if you are seriously considering buying, you can check the demo before, which is now available in the extended version.

Code Vein – demo for download

Initially, the demo version of Code Vein allowed you to familiarize yourself with the character creator and move to the first arena. The latest update, on the other hand, expands it with a special Depths: Town of Sacrifice zone, in which we will fight various opponents and bosses, as well as try to get new weapons and upgrades. We can also check the cooperative network mode.

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Code Vein screen

The bad news is that the demo is only available on PlayStation 4 consoles (download from here) and Xbox One (download from here). PC users, unfortunately, have to do without taste. Instead, they can make sure their computers are ready for Code Vein by checking the hardware requirements.

Finally, let's remember the trailer for Code Vein, which Bandai Namco has prepared for this year's E3. That's him…

Code Vein – game trailer from E3 2019:

Source: Cenega, Bandai Namco