Crusader Kings 3 is created! What else has been announced at ParadoxCon?

By | October 19, 2019

Crusader Kings 3 is created – a new installment of the well-known and popular strategic series from the Paradox Interactive catalog. The game was announced during the ParadoxCon event, during which we also received some other interesting news.

Crusader Kings 3 – game preview. When will the premiere?

The hottest news from ParadoxCon is that he is playing Crusader Kings 3 arises and you won't have to wait long for it. The representative of the "grand strategy" genre is aimed solely at PCs and will supply Steam library and Xbox Game Pass services next year.

The Paradox Interactive team also revealed some information about the game itself. For example, we know that the non-intuitive interface of the "two" will be replaced by a new, minimalistic one. We also know that significantly RPG elements will be developed, thanks to which we will be able to empathize with the role of a medieval leader. An important element of the game will be to ensure that the hero is not too stressed – not every moment will be good for castrating enemies …

See the teaser trailer for Crusader Kings 3:

At Crusader Kings 3, you'll get the chance to rewrite medieval history and built a powerful kingdom. The above trailer is a nice introduction to this, but many of you probably counted on some parts of the game. We still have to wait for these, but we have a few screens for it:

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Crusader Kings 3 screen 1

Crusader Kings 3 screen 2

Crusader Kings 3 screen 3

Crusader Kings 3 screen 4

Crusader Kings 2 for free – now it's Free2Play

By the way, it's worth mentioning that Crusader Kings 2 has switched to Free2Play this week. This means that the previous installment of the series mixing strategy and RPG can be downloaded and played for free. If you are interested then look at Steam.

Preview Surviving the Aftermath – is a new strategic survival

Do you remember Surviving Mars – a (quite successful) strategy for the colonization of the Red Planet? It turns out that we will see her successor next year. The latest production, in which we will try to build a colony ensuring survival in adverse conditions, is entitled Surviving the Aftermath. Below you can see her trailer:

In Surviving the Aftermath we will explore the procedural generated world, face terrible and unexpected disasters and build a settlement for the last survivors. The slogan of this production says virtually everything: "The end of the world is just the beginning." Speaking of the beginning, let's add that already in October tests of the development version of this production start on the Xbox and Epic Games Store platforms.

Without much surprise – Paradox announces extensions

Games from the Paradox stable have the feature that they really start to play only with additions. It is not surprising, then, that several extensions were announced during the ParadoxCon event. For example, a game Stellaris will be enriched with DLC entitled Federations (with new diplomatic options, another design and interesting stories in the background) and the Lithoids genre package.

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The game will also be expanded Age of Wonders: Planetfall. Appendix entitled Revelations will introduce new technologies, locations, races, solutions and story missions …

…Addition Heavy metal in turn, it will extend the list of available mechs by eight items Battletech. And not only that …

…AND La Resistance will diversify the game Hearts of Iron IV for secret operations and alternative stories.

Players Emperor: Rome they can in turn wait for a free package Punic Wars with new historical missions, more songs, and additional unit models.

Paradox Interactive games and add-ons up to 80% cheaper

The Steam sale is in progress on the occasion of the ParadoxCon Steam event. Selected games and additions by the Paradox Interactive team can be bought cheaper by up to 80% Interested? In that case: here is the link.

Source: Paradox Interactive

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