Cyber ​​criminals aim for smart homes

By | October 19, 2019

Smart home is an extremely tempting concept. In the pursuit of convenience, however, you can not forget about safety. Kaspersky specialists warn that the Internet of Things is an extremely attractive field of activity for cybercriminals.

You enter an apartment where the vacuum cleaner has just finished work and the temperature has been adjusted to your preferences. From your doorstep, your favorite song greets you, and the light is dim – just the way you like it. Smart home is a concept that makes such a scenario not unusual. It is not surprising then that more and more people are installing such gadgets and accessories in their apartments. It is important to ensure safety during all this.

Millions of attacks on Internet of Things devices

As reported by Kaspersky experts, only in the first half of 2019, over 100 million attacks on Internet of Things devices were detected. This means a nine-fold increase compared to the same period last year.

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Smart home app

Cybercriminals are tempted (often) by poor security features, such as intelligent thermostats or monitoring cameras, and considerable potential for further infections or other actions.

One of the most common reasons why cyber criminals attack Internet of Things devices is that they can later be easily used in other cyber attacks, for example DDoS. A huge network of zombie devices allows you to naturally achieve greater efficiency. Attempts are therefore made more and more often, as indicated, among others increase in the number of reported attacks on Kaspersky "traps", which then allows you to analyze such activities.

How to have a smart home that is also safe?

"Intelligent devices are increasingly part of our everyday lives. At the same time, we are increasingly encountering attacks on IoT devices. Judging by the growing number of attacks and persistence of criminals, it can be concluded that the Internet of Things is a fertile ground for attackers who use even the most primitive methods, such as guessing a combination of password and login. " – commented Dan Demeter from Kaspersky.

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Smart home login

"It is much simpler than we usually think: the most popular combinations are support / support, admin / admin and default / default. However, the default password can be changed quite easily, so we encourage everyone to take this simple step to secure their smart devices. " Demeter added.

What should you do besides changing the default password? Remember to install software updates devices as soon as they are available, restart devices that we suspect of unusual behavior and, if possible, use a local VPNthat will limit access to Internet of Things devices.

Source: Kaspersky

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