Data of 500 million Facebook users found on the web. Everyone could have access to them

By | April 4, 2019

Employees of one of the companies dealing with security in the network made a shocking discovery – on publicly available servers, they found over 500 million Facebook user data including their comments, account names, photos or friends lists.

Since the last year’s Cambridge Analytics scandal, Facebook is under the microscope in terms of generally understood data security activities in this portal. And so far facebook does not pass this exam. The site has already had some major and minor scandals related to user data leaks, and not so long ago Mark Zuckerberg assured that in the near future Facebook will significantly improve on this issue.

However, it must be honestly admitted that sometimes the service has no impact on such incidents and leaks also occur on the side of external companies. UpGuard has just announced that it has found information for over 500 million Facebook users that were on publicly available public servers without any security – even the simplest password. The first batch of data in the form of 540 million entries containing, among others the name of the account on Facebook, as well as comments or reactions of users, the company found on Amazon’s server, where it was left by the Mexican concern Cultura Colectiva. In turn, the second batch of data, also found on a publicly available server, contained information on 22 thousand Facebook users left by At the Pool. In turn, you could find information such as lists of friends or their photos.

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UpGuard has of course contacted Facebook and, as the portal’s spokesperson says, there is no evidence at the moment that the data was used for nefarious purposes. The investigation, however, continues and we hope that its final conclusions will be the same. We are talking here about a huge leak containing quite sensitive data – especially in the latter case.

The average user obviously does not have an impact on this type of incident, but each of us can also increase their safety on the internet on their own. At the beginning, you should obtain a decent antivirus program, list of the best antivirus you will find here.