Destiny 2 is upgrading to Free2Play. What else will change?

By | September 19, 2019

Enormous changes are coming in the world of Destiny 2. The creators have an idea for the development of their production and they decided to share it with the players.

Destiny 2's third year of life begins with a great change that will really be just the beginning of a series of changes. – "We want to create a world where players feel that their actions, personal or the whole community, push him forward sensibly"- explain the creators.

Destiny 2: Shadow Fortress – an expansion that begins a new era

The first step is Destiny 2: Shadow Fortress – a stand-alone add-on that will allow us to return to the Moon, where a lot has changed since the time of "one". The premiere of the extension for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will take place October 1, 2019. Each subsequent addition will be a continuation of the story, because – as the authors explain – "We want a dynamic and changing universe where you create memories".

Destiny 2 screen 1

The developers also intend to enrich Destiny 2 in every field: from the plot, through cooperation and finishing blows, to creating equipment. New types of 2.0 weapons and armor will also be introduced, each of which has meaning, and statistics will return (and more than ever before).

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Destiny 2 is to offer a lively and constantly changing world. Development directions are to be determined together with the playerswhose opinions will be collected and analyzed on an ongoing basis.

Destiny 2 screen 2

"Stand" for free – Destiny 2 upgrades to the Free2Play model

Simultaneously with the premiere of the said extension, the basic version of the game – whose title will be Destiny 2: New Light – along with content from the first year, will be available completely free: on the Free2Play model.

Destiny 2 screen 3

The creators also tried to Fr. introduction of the cross-save functionthat allows you to save (and load) progress on all platforms. So you can start the game on the PC, continue it on the console, and after the launch of the Google Stadia platform, take your Destiny 2 on (almost) any device.

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Source: Cenega, Bungie