Disney Plus: the price in Poland is already known

By | November 13, 2019

We already know how much we will pay in Poland for access to the Disney + catalog. It turns out that the subscription will not be particularly high at all.

Although Disney + service has only started in three countries so far and Poland is not on the list, selected films and series have already been polonized and all information is also available in our language. In this way we also got to know the price – does Netflix have anything to fear and do we have something to wait for?

We already know how much we will pay for Disney + in Poland – the price is quite attractive

The time when Disney + debuts in Poland is still in question, but it is very likely that we will see it "already" on March 31, 2020, along with Germany, Italy, the French and the English. If nothing changes until then, then we will pay 32.99 PLN for one month of using the service (or PLN 27.91 if we subscribe for a year).

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Disney + screens

33 zlotys is 1 zloty less than you have to pay for the basic Netflix plan, and we get the offer that "N" calls Premium and wishes 52 zlotys for it. The point is that Disney + has only one subscription, allowing you to enjoy the highest video quality (up to 4K with HDR) and simultaneously watch content on 4 screens. As for the latter, it is worth adding that …

Sharing an account at Disney Plus? No problem

The president of The Walt Disney Company, Bob Iger, officially announced that at least for now sharing your account on Disney + will not be restricted in any way. So if you want to pay one subscription for two, three or even four people, nothing stands in the way.

Disney + logo

However, we emphasize the words "at least for now." Earlier, the owners of the Disney + service indicated that they were against such practices and considered them to be piracy. After getting the user base, the rules will probably change as well. In other words: don't get used to it.

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The debut of the Disney + service could definitely be better. Problems, problems, problems …

On November 12, millions of fans of movies and series from the Disney catalog were waiting. And those millions of users rushed to the service's website as soon as it was launched. The owners did not foresee this and the servers were not durable. In effect many people had to go without taste for a long time and keep reading that "the connection attempt failed."

Disney + catalog

However, such a large interest is not surprising. The price is attractive and the catalog is extensive. Disney + is a place where we watch movies and series from the Disney studio, superhero productions from the Marvel universe, news and classics from the Star Wars brand, National Geographic documentaries and much, much more.

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