do you have an idea to improve your work? Let superiors know

By | November 30, 2019

What if instead of getting annoyed that something is not working as it should in the company, just share your idea to solve this problem?

When you talk to colleagues, you may soon find that many of them have an idea of ​​how to improve work – make it more effective or at least more enjoyable. Tell your supervisor, especially in a large corporation, can be an insurmountable barrier. That is why a better option may be to send suggestions for one or another innovation using a company application.

An application called: say "up" which doesn't work at "down"

Such an application could be available to all employees who could use it to convey their ideas in the broadly understood "mountain". The management can then assess whether this or that suggestion makes sense and whether it might be worth implementing – at least on a trial basis.

Transcom PC

You don't have to be afraid, because such solutions are already working – recently, for example, Transcom, which provides CRM services, has launched it, which has 50 customer service centers in 20 countries. In total, over 27,000 consultants work in them and they can all send their ideas through the platform called T: Labs, and thus (at least to some extent) shape the direction of the company's development.

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T: Labs works and the first ideas are already being put to the test

This is the beginnings of the application for now, but several solutions have already been put into practice. Transcom Personal Assistant allows employees to automate service through common questions, requests and errors, and T: Buddy "listens" to suggestions and information on the well-being of employees, which allows supervisors to take care of the right atmosphere in the workplace.

Transcom T: Labs

"It was a hit – commented Anna Romańska, Transcom Social Media Expert. – We observe how many interesting and innovative solutions are proposed by employees from all over the world and how much they are fulfilled when their ideas go to the implementation stage and they take an active part in the creation process. Such activities certainly benefit the company, but also enable employees to develop and be creative with their duties. "

The introduction of this type of application seems to lead to a situation where everyone wins. Employees have motivation and satisfaction, superiors – a team that is not only more satisfied, but also performs its duties more effectively. What do you think about this solution? Do similar platforms operate in your companies?

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Source: Transcom Polska, own information

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