End of Google Glass Explorer

By | December 9, 2019

Information on the completion of the project is given on the help page for Google Glass Explorer Edition. The last update is now and you need to install it manually to continue using Glass Explorer.

After February 25, 2020, the ability to log in to Google Accounts will be removed. So you won't be able to use Gmail, YouTube, Hangouts or other available applications. The MyGlass mobile application for changing device settings will also stop working after the update, but you will be able to connect to the phone via Bluetooth.

Users have the option of recording movies and taking photos, as well as supporting downloaded applications.

It started with Google Glass

Smart glasses from Google were created in 2013 and were one of the first devices of this kind available to consumers. They could be bought for $ 1,500 and a giant revolution was anticipated in the market. However, time has shown that society was not ready for it and the device did not hit the mainstream. Privacy breaches were feared, and even some restaurants completely banned the use of this gadget. Adding numerous underdeveloped and fairly low sales, Google apparently decided to focus on the development of other models of smart glasses. The future will show if the company will profit from it.

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The Enterprise Edition version for around $ 1,000 is still eager, however, this product is not available for every customer.

Source: Google

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