Frostpunk: Last Autumn – gameplay and cosplay for the premiere

By | January 15, 2020

Premiere of Frostpunk: Last Autumn is very close. On this occasion, the team of 11 bit studios serves us a new record of the game and presents photos from a session with the participation of the cosplayer Moosefix. You have to see!

In a week – January 21 – a new expansion for Frostpunk: Last Autumn will debut. It will take us back to the past, thanks to which we will find out what happened before the events we know from the "stand". This is a new story whose action revolves around the construction of a generator that allows you to save society. It also includes new buildings and technologies as well as Books of Rights to shape society. To what the gameplay will look like in this extension, you can now take a look at the completely fresh video material – take a look if you feel like …

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See the new gameplay from Frostpunk: Last Autumn:

In addition, to celebrate the premiere of this largest expansion to Frostpunk to date, which is one of the best Polish games of recent years, the 11 bit studios team decided to do something else. She invited photographer Tascha Dearing and a popular cosplayer with the nickname Moosefix (and thus the official model of the character Brigitte from Overwatch) to play Effie MacLachlan. She is a graduate of the University of Cambridge, part of the Imperial Search Campaign team working on a top secret project.

See also photos from the frost-punk cosplay session:

Frostpunk cosplay 1

Frostpunk cosplay 2

Frostpunk cosplay 3

Frostpunk cosplay 4

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Source: 11 bit studios, own information

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