Galaxy Fold: smartphone in the Plus network

By | October 18, 2019

Initially, it was considered whether Galaxy Fold would hit the Polish market at all. Later, will anyone be interested in him? It seems that despite the unusual design and very high price, they are willing to buy it.

Galaxy Fold sold out in Samsung Brand Store

The producer issued a message through which he informs that at the moment the folded Galaxy Fold is not to be found in Samsung Brand Store salons. The smartphone was sold out and it was enough for just a few hours. However, we cannot announce it now with great success. There is no mention of the exact number of copies that went to users.

"Due to the great interest in Galaxy Fold, Samsung is working on increasing the availability of the smartphone, which is planned for October 23, 2019. Consumers interested in this revolutionary device should check the availability of Galaxy Fold in selected Samsung partner showrooms."

Galaxy Fold in Plus

If you are looking forward to new deliveries, it is worth noting that Galaxy Fold also appeared in selected operators. Among other things, in Plus, although it must be noted immediately that it cannot be ordered online. Sales are carried out only stationary, in four Plus stores:

  • C. H. ARKADIA, Al. Jana Pawła II 82, 00-175 Warsaw
  • C. H. MOKOTÓW GALLERY, ul. Wołoska 12, 02-675 Warsaw
  • C. H. SILESIA, ul. Chorzowska 107, 40-101 Katowice
  • C. H. MAGNOLIA, ul. Legnicka 58, 54-204 Wrocław
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What about prices? In free sale, Galaxy Fold costs PLN 9,000. Depending on the offer selected, Plus network customers can count on a smaller initial fee. The rest, of course, will have to be paid within installments and as you can see in the list below, the price will ultimately be very similar to that of free sale.

Plus 40Plus 50Plus 60Plus 40Plus 50Plus 60Plus 40Plus 50Plus 60
Installments 24Installments 36Installments 48
Initial ChargePLN 4,499.00PLN 898.99PLN 898.99PLN 4,499.00PLN 898.99PLN 898.99PLN 4,499.00PLN 899.00PLN 899.00
InstallmentPLN 188.00PLN 338.00PLN 338.00PLN 125.00PLN 225.00PLN 225.00PLN 94.00PLN 169.00PLN 169.00
The total price for the equipment PLN 9,111.00PLN 9,010.99PLN 9,010.99PLN 8 999.00PLN 8 998.99PLN 8 998.99PLN 9,111.00PLN 9,111.00PLN 9,111.00
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More information about the smartphone itself can be found in the article presenting our first impressions of use.

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