Ghostbusters: Afterlife – trailer for the movie Ghostbusters. Heritage

By | December 9, 2019

Ghostubsters: Afterlife is the latest installment of beloved by many series. What is the promise? Convince yourself by watching the first official trailer of this production.

On the project titled Ghostbusters: Afterlife Watch is Jason Reitman, son of the producer of the first part of the Ghostbusters story, Ivan, who is among the producers. In the film, most of the cast returns (although we'll see someone else in the lead roles) and – as the trailer shows – the climate also returns, for which it is difficult not to like the original hits from the eighties. Anyway, see for yourself:

See the first trailer for Ghostbusters: Afterlife – Ghostbusters. Heritage:

Perhaps this is not a continuation in the style that some of you counted on, but you have to admit that it has charm. As the filmmakers reveal, a film that will be distributed in Poland as Ghostbusters. Heritage, ignores what we were served in the not very warmly received production of 2016 and is a concrete continuation of the "two"which premiered 30 years ago.

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When will the movie Ghostbusters hit theaters? Heritage? Soon!

We have been waiting for the third part for thirty years, so we will hold on for a while. How much patience do we need? Fortunately, not much: The premiere of the film Ghostbusters: Afterlife is scheduled for July 2020. Are you going to go to the cinema or have you lost interest after watching the trailer? We are waiting for your comments!

Source: TechCrunch, TylkoHity

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