Gmail simplifies messaging – as an attachment

By | December 10, 2019

No more filling your colleagues or friends with dozens of "further" messages. Gmail introduces (finally!) A feature that will streamline email forwarding.

Gmail enjoys great sympathy – both among professionals and home users. A clear interface, extensive configuration options and an effective spam filter are some of the features to which it owes its popularity. Unfortunately, he still lacks many solutions that have been offered by some email programs for years. It is slowly changing, and the latest step is Google’s introduction of quick email sharing.

Gmail with a new feature – attach e-mail in the mail, meaning "forward" 2.0

Instead of forwarding one message at a time, Gmail will now save time (and the nerves of your colleagues or friends). All you have to do is select a few emails and then choose the option "Forward as attachment" from the main menu or just drag them to the window for creating a new message. And that's it – they will then be added as attachments (in .eml format).

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Gmail attachment

these attachments can be viewed conveniently – at least as long as they also open inside the Gmail service. It is also a chance to keep order in the news and – normally in the world – to optimize work.

When will the new feature get to you? Maybe it has hit, or maybe after the new year

If you're lucky, the feature has already arrived. However, you will probably have to wait a moment. Like most of this type of news, Google introduces it in waves, but eventually it will reach you (unless, of course, you use the Gmail service at all). Are you going to use it? Do you think it will be useful to you?

Source: G Suite Updates, Engadget

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