Google Assistant with notes function

By | December 8, 2019

Recently, on the Google blog you can find information about the new function of Google Assistant notes and lists. If you often use this application on your phone or using smart speakers, new products can be very useful.

Now just ask the Assistant to create a new note or list for us and add further elements to it using voice commands. Of course, you can open notes created in the program earlier, but they may still not be visible in the application.

We will make notes on external websites

We get access to AnyList,, Bring and Google Keep. To take advantage of the news, just go to the Google Assistant settings and find "services", then "notes and lists" and choose your favorite service to save. After connecting it with the Assistant, we can create new notes.

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Google Assistant

If other people are connected to our Assistant, we can set reminders for them. Thanks to this, by sending someone shopping with a list in the application, we can quickly send several additional items to buy.

Everything, of course, works with smart displays of Smart Home systems.

The new Assistant skill will definitely be useful in maintaining order during the busy Christmas season, when many of us have plenty of things to do and use notes on our phone.

Source: Google blog

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