Google: millions of smartphones at risk. Applications may charge additional fees

By | August 12, 2019

Millions of smartphones with the Android operating system leave the factory with malware installed. You don’t even have to download anything this time. You start the smartphone and it is already infected.

The Google security team has announced a new threat. Lurking in millions of smartphones and you may not even realize it. What’s more, you didn’t even have to do anything unreasonable for the malware to get on your smartphone. It was still installed at the factory.

Google: several million smartphones at risk

Maddie Stone, a security analyst at Project Zero, working on behalf of Google, informed about the case. As he writes in the statement: “If malware or other security issues appear as pre-installed applications, the damage it can cause is greater, and that is why we need so much to constantly carry out audits and analysis of the software.”

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Among the threats, Google’s analyst points to two main malware: Chamois and Triada. The first one is especially malicious. It is able to install hundreds of additional applications that cause ads to be displayed in other programs. In addition, this malware can even send premium SMSes, which can increase your invoice.

It’s not good. According to Google, this virus is already on 7.4 million smartphones. In the case of the Triad, this is an older version of the same malware. It differs from Chamois in that it does not send premium SMSes. However, it is equally effective in flooding smartphones with ads.

What can you do?

Not much really. But if you notice a sudden increase in ads in your browser or other applications, you may want to try to download antivirus. One of the better programs will be Antivirus & Mobile Security, which you can download in the Play Store or check list of the best antivirus for android

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Remember to install applications that do not come from the Google Play Store wisely. If the smartphone suddenly without your interference asks you to install the program, then the light in your head should light up. It should not be like that.