Google wants you to never download an infected app again

By | November 8, 2019

If a malicious application goes to the Google Play store, someone will probably download it sooner or later. Therefore, the giant wants such programs not to be on his platform at all, and ESET will help him achieve this.

App Defense Alliance – Google, ESET and others protect our smartphones

Under App Defense Alliance ESET will work with Google to never download an Android application again, which is harmful for some reason. Before the program is made available to users, it will go through the tools and algorithms of the Slovak manufacturer of antivirus solutions, so that potential threats can be quickly detected and eliminated.

App Defense Alliance

In addition to Google and ESET, App Defense Alliance also creates Lookout and Zimperium – each offering tools capable of detecting mobile threats. Together they are to lead to a situation in which malicious Android apps will either stop being a problem altogether or at least become an absolute margin.

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Malicious Android apps are a thing of the past

It is important because there are already over 2.5 billion devices in the Android ecosystem, and actually there is no month so that we do not hear about some malicious application in the Google Play store (which has recently gained a dark theme), which is downloaded by hundreds, thousands and sometimes millions of users on their smartphones.

And if you are wondering why we wrote in the title about "tightening" cooperation, we are already in a hurry to explain it. Well, ESET has been helping clean the Google Play store of applications that are harmful in one way or another for many years. He also helped to prepare the (integrated) Chrome Cleanup tool that detects and facilitates the removal of potential pests while browsing the Internet.

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Source: DAGMA, ESET, Google

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