Green Cell AirJuice and PowerRide: new powerful chargers for smartphones

By | January 15, 2020

This year's CES 2020 was full of news from the world of electronics. However, it is also worth mentioning the products of the Polish company Green Cell, which boasted new chargers for smartphones.

Green Cell AirJuice wireless charger

Green Cell AirJuice is a wireless charger for smartphones and wireless headphones, using the Qi standard and supporting Apple devices. The main advantage of the new model is high power, which is not inferior to traditional wired chargers – up to 15 W maximum (support for devices with 10 W, 7.5 W and 5 W power consumption is also provided).

Green Cell AirJuice

AirJuice detects the device and automatically starts charging. The manufacturer also took care of the safety of the equipment – the structure will detect foreign objects in the loading zone, and the upper surface has been protected with non-slip material, which will improve the grip of the devices being loaded.

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Green Cell PowerRide – a powerful car charger

The second new feature is the Green Cell PowerRide car charger. The device is equipped with three USB ports compatible with proprietary GC Ultra Charge technology (compatible with Quick Charge 3.0, Samsung AFC, Huawei FCP, Apple 2.4A, Mediatek Pump Express 1.1 / 2.0 and USB DC standards).

Green Cell PowerRide

The total load on ports in the PowerRide model is as much as 54 W, thanks to which the user does not have to worry about the charging speed of several connected devices (e.g. smartphone, tablet and navigation). There will also be no problems getting to the socket, because all ports are illuminated.

The manufacturer has not yet disclosed details about the availability of chargers. How much do you think these devices can cost?

Source: AirJuice

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