Grounded: Obsidian survival on (unknown) Earth

By | November 14, 2019

Do you think you know our world well? Grounded can prove to you that you are very wrong. See how the latest Obsidian Entertainment game presented during the X019 event.

Obsidian Entertainment is a team associated mainly with erpegs (and very good erpegs – just mention Pillars of Eternity, Fallout: New Vegas or The Outer Worlds just released). This time, however, it has something completely different for us. The game presented during the X019 event Grounded is a survival adventure game. Good news: it promises to be no less intriguing than the titles mentioned.

Grounded is an unusual survival of the creators of The Outer Worlds

Let's start with the fact that the new game by Obsidian Entertainment does not transport us to any fantastic land, nor is it set in a postapo atmosphere. We stay on Earth (and quite a normal Earth), but we observe it from an extremely unusual perspective. Our heroes are … reduced. Reduced to such an extent that ladybugs and beetles are almost as large as they are, and the blades of grass reach above their heads.

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This means that things and creatures that usually don't pose a threat in Grounded are sometimes insurmountable obstacles or enemies that you need to work hard with. However, when it comes to the gameplay itself, it will be rather typical for this genre: the fun is therefore accumulating resources, building a shelter and – simply – the struggle for survival. You know what, see for yourself!

See the first trailer for Grounded – straight from X019:

Grounded is aimed at PCs and Xbox One, and hers the premiere is scheduled for next spring. What do you think about it

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