how does it work and finds what we are looking for?

By | October 26, 2019

You probably use it every day, but do you know how Google works and what its functionality really is?

Tens of thousands of searches every second is a number that shows how important Google is today. The fact that every seventh password is something that no one has ever entered in the search box before, in turn, allows you to understand that an online tool does not have an easy task. But what happens when you press Enter and how does it happen that we find what we are looking for?

A 5-minute video appeared on the YouTube channel that answers the question of how the search engine works. What is happening in the background so that search results may appear in the foreground, thanks to which we learn the answers to all our bothering questions (well, maybe almost all) …

Do you have 5 minutes That's enough to learn how Google Search works:

Google is a library with more information than all the others

Google can be thought of as the largest library in the world (well, its resources are larger than all the libraries put together), which contains the most important works that have ever been created by a man … except for the Internet. Every time we type something in the search box, Google's algorithms browse the available directories to find all matching items in them (because – let's determine – searching for something on Google, we do not search the Internet, but Google's page index). This is the first step.

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Google sort

The second step is to organize these items: from the most to the least matching. On what basis? Google's algorithms try to determine what we're really looking for, relying not only on the password itself, but also, for example, on the language or our location. When determining the order in which pages are displayed, they also take into account credibility, usability (assessed on the basis of popularity and linking) or the timeliness of the information provided.

Google location
… because football does not always mean the same thing.

How does the search engine know what to show? Well … he doesn't know, but he guesses

Algorithms analyze words – Google is trying to understand the meaning of passwordsthat we entered in the search engine, easily copes with typos, looks for synonyms, defines them and focuses on keywords and tries to see the context. Depending on many variables assigns specific weight to particular factors and so after a while our list of results appears.

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Google results

Although there is more and more content on the Internet, the search results get more accurate every month. How it's possible? The secret lies in the continuous improvement of the product through experiments and tests involving a human team. How do you assess his work? Do you notice an increase in quality in the selection of displayed pages?

Source: Google, inf. own

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