Huawei MateBook 13, 14 and X Pro

By | September 20, 2019

The new versions of MateBook 13, MateBook 14 and MateBook X Pro look standard at first glance, but the manufacturer introduced one important change in them …

We all remember the conflict between Huawei and the United States well. It is true that the Chinese manufacturer has been partially removed from the blacklist, but he does not stop working on emergency, alternative solutions. Recently, he presented the world with new versions of MateBook laptops.

I am talking about the models MateBook 13, MateBook X Pro and MateBook 14, which until now were offered with the Windows 10 operating system. It just so happens that the first two we even had the opportunity to test and our feelings were very positive – interested in details we refer to the articles on models Huawei MateBook 13 and Huawei MateBook X Pro.

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New versions of Huawei MateBook laptops

Linux Deepin

New versions of laptops operate under the control of the Linux Deepin system, i.e. open source Chinese distribution of Linux. Deepin certainly stands out due to its graphic design, which is why some consider it one of the prettiest operating systems, but on the network you can also meet with criticism about the safety and privacy of users.

However, these are not the only changes. The manufacturer also introduced "corrections" in the keyboard itself – the key with the Windows icon, responsible for calling the Start menu, was replaced with … simply by the word "Start".

Huawei MateBook Deepin

MateBook 13, MateBook X Pro and MateBook 14 laptops in the version with Linux Deepin are currently mainly intended for the Chinese market. The equipment can be bought through the manufacturer's official store (and interestingly, the prices of such models are even slightly lower than the standard versions with Windows).

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Source: Huawei, Forbes