Huawei P Smart Pro – smartphone premiere and comparison with Honor 9X

By | November 14, 2019

Huawei is currently expanding its offer not perhaps with revolutionary models, but diversifying it effectively. You want a reader on the back, you have the right model. Side reader – we have one too. We are waiting for an average shelf with a screen reader. Meanwhile, the premiere of Huawei P Smart Pro.

Huawei P Smart Pro this is a smartphone whose premiere we have been expecting for some time, but which was a surprise anyway. In terms of name, because technically Huawei P Smart Pro is the same as Huawei Y9s. Huawei keeps the latter name for other markets.

It's a conscious decision, because this model is to be treated with us as an extension of the capabilities of the pretty Huawei P Smart Z, which we tested for you. Photographic extension consisting in the addition of an ultra-wide angle camera on the back. And also in terms of ergonomics, which involves moving the fingerprint reader to the edge of the housing. This may not be for everyone, but for me it is a very convenient solution, which is not even something between the reader at the back or under the screen at the front, but completely changing the ergonomics of unlocking.

Huawei P Smart Pro reader

Huawei P Smart Pro – when elegance in flagship colors is what you like the most

Apart from increasing the size of the frame around the photo modules and changing the position of the reader, the shape of the smartphone retains the pleasant form of the Huawei P Smart Z for the hand and eye. A new smartphone for people who value a look reminiscent of flagship designs, but at a much lower price, will be as found . It will appear in black and Opal, which we know from the P30 series. The photo shows a comparison of the back walls of the Huawei P Smart Pro (left) and P30 Pro. Unfortunately, for technical reasons, the latter is a slightly different color version, but you can see what the matter is.

Huawei P Smart Pro and Huawei P30 Pro

Huawei and Honor have a lot in common – it can't be hidden

I have one more picture for you where you can see Huawei P Smart Pro (this time on the right) and Honor 9X. Why. Well, the other smartphone has more in comparison with Huawei than Huawei P Smart Z. Because it shares not only components such as chipset, battery or display, but also has an identical set of cameras. But the reader is on the back wall as in Huawei P Smart Z, as well as RAM capacity. In the Huawei P Smart Pro version available in Poland, it is 6 GB, 2 GB more than in other exchanged smartphones.

Honor 9X and Huawei P Smart Pro

Huawei distances himself from Honor and probably would prefer that I did not mention him in the context of P Smart Pro, but does not do so because of some antagonisms. In China, these two brands, which have a common father and mother, coexist much better than in Poland. We have the strength of the Huawei brand and the prestige that Robert Lewandowski adds – Huawei's face not only in Poland – are so strong that it is very difficult for Honor to break through. Mentioning him can do more harm than good to the latter.

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However, if we put these divagations aside and forget that we have two brands, it is clearly seen how an increasingly convenient situation for a picky customer. As I wrote in the introduction – we are still missing in the price segment of the middle shelf (the lower one) Huawei smartphone with a fingerprint reader under the screen and with different variants of the photo subsystem. Or maybe with an OLED or LCD screen in various combinations with other components.

Well, smartphones are going bad, and Huawei even has reasons to be satisfied. And this despite the still real spectrum of the need to become independent of Google services. According to analyzes, the company is growing not only in China, and the "temporary" inability to use more efficient chipsets in models for the global market is reflected in the diversification of the middle shelf.

The retractable front camera – a trend that is gaining momentum

All of these smartphones also have a front camera feature. For video conferences or selfies, depending on what we like to do more with a smartphone. This camera is sliding out of the housing, which means that we have the entire display at our disposal, and the lens is protected against accidental dirt.

Huawei P Smart Pro - selfie

Colloquially speaking, more and more producers have retracted front cameras hidden in the housing. Some, like Oppo or Xiaomi are introducing this idea in their more expensive smartphones, but also cheaper ones. Huawei is currently "experimenting" with this solution at its lower price shelf. Flagship users must now accept the indentation. Which is not a problem for some, because the camera with retractable front camera lens does not have the biometric face recognition function.

The retractable front camera is sometimes called a periscope, which can be confusing when we're talking about a periscope telephoto lens design on the back. For now, however, we do not have a structure that would create such confusion by offering both solutions at the same time. For this we can certainly be sure that the number of companies offering a retractable camera instead of indentation will increase in the coming months.

Huawei P Smart Pro and others – specification

I've written a lot about similarities, now let's show them in the form of a table that illustrates how little it takes to change so much. By the way, I remind you that these are large and massive smartphones, weighing about 200 grams.

Huawei P Smart ProHuawei P Smart ZHonor 9X
Dimensions (mm)163.1 x 77.2 x 8.8163.5 x 77.3 x 8.8
Weight206 g196.8 g
Operating systemAndroid 9.0
EMUI 9.1
»1080 x 2340 px
processor»8 cores
»HiSilicon Kirin 710F
»GPU: Mali-G51 MP4
Memory»RAM: 6 GB
»Built-in: 128 GB
»MicroSD slot
»RAM: 4 GB
»Built-in: 64 GB
»MicroSD slot
»RAM: 4 GB
»Built-in: 128 GB
»MicroSD slot
Battery4000 mAh
Camera / camcorder»49 Mpx + 8 Mpx + 2 Mpx
»16 Mpx (front)
»FHD 60 fps recording
»16 Mpx + 2 Mpx
»16 Mpx (front)
»FHD 60 fps recording
»48 Mpx + 8 Mpx + 2 Mpx
»16 Mpx (front)
»FHD 60 fps recording
Internet»4G LTE
»Wi-Fi 802.11 ac
»Dual SIM (2x nanoSIM)
Communication and connectors»GPS
»Bluetooth 4.2
»USB type C
»Bluetooth 5.0
»USB type C
»Bluetooth 4.2
Additional features»MicroSD card reader (hybrid)
»Fingerprint reader (in P Smart Pro on the side of the housing, in P Smart Z and 9X on the back)
»Lighting sensor
»Digital compass
»Gravity sensor
" proximity sensor
»Front camera hidden in the housing
»FM radio
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The price of Huawei P Smart Pro, when and where we buy it

Huawei P Smart Pro will go on sale in mid-December, which will be an interesting opportunity for Christmas. At PLN 1399, which is about PLN 400 higher than for Huawei P Smart Z and PLN 300 higher than for Honor 9X. However, this is partly a tax on new products, as well as the price of Huawei's prestige in our country. Let me remind you that Huawei P Smart Pro has NFC just like Huawei P Smart Z. And this is good news. Unfortunately, Honor 9X to our knowledge does not support this function.

If from December 2 to December 15 you decide to pre-purchase Huawei P Smart Pro, you will receive the reward in the form of Huawei Band 4. An extremely practical accessory. You can make a purchase in the largest retail chains, as well as in the online store

Huawei vs Honor – does the brand itself matter in the case of photos?

All the mentioned smartphones probably have the same performance, battery life also probably comparable, but this can not be said about the quality of the photos. For sure Huawei P Smart Z takes at least other photos with rear cameras because it has different sensors. Will not take ultra wide angle photos.

In turn, Honor 9X and Huawei P Smart Pro sharing the photo subsystem (at least in terms of resolution, chip size, brightness of the optics – are they identical models I do not know yet) should give identical photos. Are you sure? You can find out the initial answer to this question by comparing the pictures below. The first of each pair was made Huawei P Smart Pro, and the second with Honor 9X, just after the Polish presentation of the new Huawei product.

Huawei P Smart Pro example 1 "src =" "style = "width: 450px Honor 9X example 1 "src =" "style =" width: 450px

Huawei P Smart Pro example 4 "src =" "style = "width: 450px Honor 9X example 4 "src =" "style =" width: 450px

Huawei P Smart Pro example 2 "src =" "style = "width: 450px Honor 9X example 2 "src =" "style =" width: 450px

Huawei P Smart Pro example 3 "src =" "style = "width: 450px Honor 9X example 3 "src =" "style =" width: 450px

Huawei P Smart Pro example 5 "src =" "style = "width: 450px Honor 9X example 5 "src =" "style =" width: 450px

Source: Huawei, inf. own, photo: Karol Żebruń

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