I Am Jesus Christ: Jesus simulator

By | December 7, 2019

I Am Jesus Christ is the latest representative of the simulator genres, which recently promises to be plenty. As the title suggests – we will play Jesus Christ.

I Am Jesus Christ – a simulator of Jesus Christ announced

In games, we often get to hell, where we have to fight with demonic creatures or take on the role of the rulers of the kingdom of darkness (as in Polish Succubus). At PlayWay and SimulaM, it was also recognized that there was room for the other side, and so the idea for I Am Jesus Christ, which is nothing more than a Jesus simulator.

I Am Jesus Christ screen 1

I Am Jesus Christ screen 2

Simulators have been very mocking lately. I Am Jesus Christ is not to be such a case – although in this topic it is not difficult to exaggerate, the creators decided to show the biblical story of the Savior as realistically as possible, but ensuring that it was interesting …

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See the trailer of the game I Am Jesus Christ with fragments of the game:

In the game we will reach the open world, and on our way we will meet many needy and suffering people. Observing the action from the first person perspective, we will help them by performing miracles – healing them, controlling the weather or fighting Satan himself. And although a lot will depend on us, the final could not be different: it is crucifixion and resurrection.

I Am Jesus Christ screen 3

I Am Jesus Christ screen 4

For now, we do not know the exact or even approximate release date of I Am Jesus Christ. We only know that the game is only for PCs. Are you interested in this title? Are you going to give him a chance or do you think this is a topic that should not be addressed in games, at least not in such a way?

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Source: PlayWay, IGN

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