Instagram Threads: instant messenger for download

By | October 6, 2019

It would seem that there are so many mobile messengers that no one will be able to break through with another one. However, it turns out that Facebook decided to take such a step. Not for the first time, but this time the action is to be effective.

Instagram Threads for download

For those following industry reports, this is not a big surprise, it has been speculated for several months about this scenario. All the details have already been refined and Facebook has released Threads – a stand-alone application that is described as "a new way of communicating with close friends in a dedicated, private space." Instagram friends, let's add.

Threads is available on Google Android and Apple iOS. Those interested in the messenger will find it in the official stores of both platforms, respectively Google Play and App Store.

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Instagram Threads

In addition to text messages, you can share photos, videos and statuses here. In the case of the latter, you can use ready-made or create your own, and even use the automatic ones, which will be prepared based on the user's location, e.g. to convey to close friends that the user went to a given restaurant or cinema. At the same time, Facebook ensures that it has properly taken care of security. Of course, Threads will also provide quick access to camera applications (by the way, the default window).

At first glance you can see that Threads will be created for Snapchat competition. What do you think he has a chance in this clash?

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