Intel increases the production of processors at 10 and 14 nm

By | September 27, 2019

An Intel spokesman referred to recent reports that cited the largest industry media. Unfortunately, information about supply problems has indeed been confirmed.

Recent months are not the easiest for Intel. According to the latest reports, the manufacturer is still struggling with the problem of insufficient supply of processors. Finally we have an official announcement on this matter.

Until now, it was announced that problems with the availability of processors would be resolved by the end of this year. However, DigiTimes information suggests something different – the crisis may last even longer, which may affect the availability of new laptops.

An Intel spokesperson commented on the information from DigiTimes:

"We are still working on improving the balance of supply and demand for our customers in the PC segment. In the second half of 2019, we observed that demand for PCs exceeded our expectations and forecasts of third parties. We have increased the production capacity of 14 nm and are planning to increase the production of systems at 10 nm for constructions available on holiday. While our production capacity is growing, we remain in a difficult demand and supply environment in a PC-focused business. We are actively working to meet this challenge and we continue to prioritize the availability of products from the latest generations of Intel Core i5, i7 and i9 that support the rapidly growing segments of our customers. "

The information basically confirms reports of DigiTimes. However, the manufacturer does not intend to stop at this and increased the production capacity of the processors (not only those at 14 nm, but also new ones at 10 nm). Will this help meet the expectations of the recipients? Not known Problems with the availability of systems, however, do not prevent you from increasing your income. It is worth noting that in the first quarter Intel took the position of the largest manufacturer of integrated circuits with a result of 15.8 billion dollars of income.

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Source: AnandTech