Intelligent heating – facts and myths

By | November 16, 2019

There has been a lot of talk lately about smart homes, and smart heating is an important element. If you are thinking about installing such a solution in your apartment, then you probably have many questions. We decided to answer several of them.

A smart home is a tempting idea that lets you feel that we're really in the 21st century. Manufacturers promise a clear increase in comfort every day, and we want it. But aren't there any hooks? We answer three important questions about this type of gadgets and accessories.

Is it true that smart heating solutions are expensive?

Well … yes. Actually, all smart home accessories cost a lot and smart heating is no exception. specifically, the purchase of necessary equipment costs from several hundred to several thousand zlotys, depending on the type of connection or the number of radiators in the apartment. However, there is something to keep in mind – this is an investment.

Netatmo warhead

On the one hand, investing in your own comfort, but in this case the benefits are uncountable. However, the savings that can be achieved by the intelligent heating system are countable. It makes it possible to save energy and as demonstrated by the Netatmo survey from last year, about 75 percent users actually recorded lower electricity bills.

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Is it true that intelligent heating is difficult to install and use?

Until recently, the answer to this question could be "yes". Manufacturers operating in the smart home sector do not stand still and at the same time improve not only the quality and functionality of their devices, but also the simplicity of their installation and use.

Netatmo radiator

Thanks to simple connection methods and video tutorials explaining everything today, even a complete layman will cope with the installation of intelligent heating. anyway just unscrew the old head, install a new one and configure the whole using the application. Let's add that the compatibility with the old type heads is provided by the adapters included in the set.

The application is also a tool that provides intuitive and trouble-free (in most cases) operation. The most popular manufacturers offer programs with a clear interface and Polish language version, allowing to set room temperatures or heating schedule in a few steps.

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Netatmo thermostat

Are intelligent heating solutions a threat to privacy?

This question is definitely the most difficult answer. A recent Kaspersky report shows that cybercriminals are increasingly targeting smart homes. Over the first six months of this year alone, more than 100 million attacks were detected on this type of accessory.

The good news is that with intelligent heating, the problem is not so big. You do not need to provide information about yourself (name, age or place of work) for the correct operation of such solutions, so there is nothing to leak. also major manufacturers take care of data encryption and regular software updates. So if we want to have a smart home, the best we will do is putting on the products of one of the proven companies.

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