Internet Explorer does not want to die, but it should. Microsoft is fighting hard

By | February 10, 2019

Internet Explorer is a browser archetype. We divide the Internet into the one before IE and this one after IE. Microsoft did what he could to save his flagship browser. But he lost his reputation as a market leader in the browser market very quickly, abruptly and a bit by his own fault. And yet, once the entire Internet became the slogan – “Website optimized for Internet Explorer”. Now the same can be said about Chrome.

Microsoft tried to fix his opinion, abandoning the bad Internet Explorer heritage and created a completely new browser – Microsoft Edge, which came to users’ computers together with Windows 10. However, this heritage turned out to be too strong and Edge shared the predecessor’s fate, becoming a “browser download program” “.

Internet Explorer 8.0

Now the situation once again has a chance to change, because Microsoft confessed to the failure of the Edge and decided to redesign its browser thoroughly. Soon, Edge will become a twin brother, or rather a cousin of Google Chrome, with whom he will share the same Chromium engine.

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But let’s get back to Internet Explorer. It turned out that this browser still stubbornly refuses to die and many users actively use it. According to the latest data StatCounter IE uses less than 5.68 percent of users … and that’s more than Microsoft Edge!

internet explorer 6.0
Internet Explorer 6.0

Microsoft does not hide the fact that Internet Explorer is like a splinter to the company and directly states that it discourages the use of this browser because it is no longer developed or even tested for new standards. It also does not meet the latest web standards, and using it on a daily basis is simply dangerous. And yet those over 5.5% hard to stick to it. Why? It is simply a matter of compatibility.

Among those 5.5% there are many business computers scattered around the headquarters of companies around the world. Some of them use web solutions developed at the time when IE was the only right choice. This is not so much a matter of habit, but the need to adapt existing infrastructure and software to another, newer browser. This can involve really high costs.

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Internet Explorer 5.0
Internet Explorer 5.0

Will IE finally die in that case? It is worth noting that in the statistics we can still note such troupe as Windows 98 or Windows XP. The high position of Internet Explorer should not be so surprising. Which, of course, does not change the fact that it is not a browser on which anyone should rely.

You can always download the newest Microsoft browser from official Microsoft website.