Japanese billionaire is looking for a partner for a flight with SpaceX

By | January 14, 2020

Yusaku Maezawa is an entrepreneur and founder of the fashion company Zozo, operating as an online store. He collects works of art, and also broke the record of the most-shared tweet after announcing that he would divide one billion yen between 1,000 random people.

Maezawa surprises again. This time, he announced that he was looking for a "life partner" who would fly with him into space, and he would find this one-of-a-kind person through … a reality show competition. Seriously.

The search for a partner is to be transformed into a show by the Japanese streaming site Abema TV. The project is to be the most serious documentary undertaking, and potential candidates can submit applications via Web page until January 17. By the end of the month, preliminary results are to be known, and then dates of meetings with the Japanese will be established, which will take place in February and March. The final decision on the chosen one is to be taken by the end of March.

Yusaku Maezawa

Billionaire looks for happiness in reality show

The Japanese began to seriously consider his fame, fortune and social status, which did not give him the desired happiness. In 2019, he resigned as president of Zozo, decided to change his lifestyle and start again. Initially, he planned to reject the television offer, but eventually it will come to fruition. He claims that he has long dreamed of space travel and wants to visit this place with someone special.

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The competition is open to single women over the age of 20 who want to fully enjoy life and dream of world peace. Of course, they must also be interested in space flight.


The first tourist flight into space

In September 2018, it became loud when SpaceX announced that Maezawa had made a large payment to become the company's first private client. He wanted to be the first to fly a Starship rocket when it was ready and ready for a manned flight. The trip would involve a trip around the moon, without landing on it, and then returning to Earth. SpaceX did not reveal how much the billionaire paid, but Elon Musk said that it was enough to partially cover the costs of developing a huge new generation spacecraft that will take people to other planets in the future.

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Already in 2023 the first tourist flight into space will take place. The Japanese billionaire and crew are to be the first tourists sent into space by SpaceX.

Artists in space

The Japanese booked tickets for a round-moon flight and also paid for additional seats. He plans to take six to eight artists with him: painters, photographers, musicians, directors, designers or architects who will be asked to create something on their return to Earth. The billionaire claims that their work is to become an inspiration for us all.

It's hard to say whether Maezawa is more driven by her love of art or her nose for business.

The future will show how cooperation with SpaceX will go, whether the billionaire will find love thanks to reality shows and whether a joint flight into space will succeed.

Source: Yusaku Maezawa, Businessinsider, TheVerge

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