Lost in space, No Time To Die, Mulan. What series, what movie? Trailers

By | December 7, 2019

Bond number 25, Scarlett Johanson returning as the Black Widow, a refreshed tale of Mulan and Lost in Space to the other leg – we're looking at the best trailers of the past week.

As for movies and series – or rather their trailers – it was a very good week. We have several specific materials and selected nine that we would like to share with you.

What series? Three new trailers to watch:

What movie? Explosive mixture (literally at times):

We no longer extend and invite you to watch (and read)!

The Witcher – the latest trailer for the series

The new trailer, or actually the spot of the series The Witcher does not reveal much in terms of the story itself, but it is official confirmation that we will have three versions to choose from: with subtitles, a teacher and dubbing, in which – what you may like – we will hear Michał Zebrowski.

All three variants will be available immediately, and let us remind you that the premiere of the first season in the Netflix catalog will take place on December 20.

Lost in Space II – the latest trailer of the series

Four days later, on Christmas Eve itself, the Netflix library will be enriched by the second season of the series Lost in Space, a family science fiction production about a family of colonizers forced to fight various adversities. The first part was watched with pleasure, and this new trailer lets you believe that the second will be exactly the same!

Get away from the cats – the latest trailer for the series

The third and final series suggestion in this episode is titled Break away from cats: Hunt for an online killer. It is a documentary divided into episodes about the power of the Internet, and about the fact that nobody is completely anonymous on the web (which is very good in some cases) …

The premiere of the series on Netflix is ​​scheduled for December 18.

Black Widow – the latest movie trailer

Lovers of superhero cinema can already enter this title on their watch lists. The Black Widow with Scarlett Johansson in the lead role will open the fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on May 1, 2020, moving the action back to the period after the events of the War of Heroes. It promises to be a solid piece of production!

No Time To Die – the latest movie trailer

And this is the new Bond and at the same time the last film in this series, in which Agent 007 is played by Daniel Craig – in the 26th film this role will be taken over by a woman who we will also know well in No Time To Die. Many fans consider this production as the culmination of the story of a fearless and ingenious agent. And it looks like it will be a fantastic finale.

When will the movie premiere of the film No Time To Die? Already April 2, 2020.

Antebellum – the latest movie trailer

From the series of intriguing productions on the horizon: Antebellum. This is a social thriller about the writer (played by Janelle Monáe) who is trapped in a terrifying reality. See the first trailer of this mysterious production to empathize with its unusual atmosphere …

Togo – the latest movie trailer

This is one of the most interesting productions in this episode. Togo is a fact-based film about a man who has traveled over a thousand kilometers in a dog team to save the inhabitants from an epidemic. The action takes place in Alaska, in 1925, and Willem Dafoe (who has a good run) will play the main role.

Togo will join the Disney + catalog on December 20, 2019. If it goes well, we will see him next year.

Śnieżka and Fantastic Seven – the latest movie trailer

An amazing story in a completely new version, in which … something has changed a little. The film Śnieżka and Fantastic Seven will debut in theaters on January 10, 2020. The creators announce that it will be worth going to the screening, because there will be a charming and touching, but also humorous adventure. On the trailer it looks like this:

Mulan – the latest movie trailer

And finally we have for you the latest trailer of the next story, which Disney decided to refresh. I'm talking about an actor film dedicated to the ingenious and brave story of Mulan. The whole looks really good, and the fact that the director is Niki Caro allows you to count on a piece of solid production. Anyway, see for yourself:

The premiere of the Mulan film in Polish cinemas will take place on March 27, 2020.

And how do you feel after these nine trailers? Which one made the biggest impression on you? We are the most waiting for the Witcher, but for Black Widow and the new Bond we will probably also go to the cinema. And during the Christmas break, we may be able to see the second part of the Lost in space in our family circle. What are your plans?

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