Low sales of Magic Leap devices

By | December 10, 2019

Magic Leap is an American startup that was founded in 2010 and has collected billions of dollars over the years. The first six months of sales of augmented reality devices showed strongly disappointing results.

Only 6,000 devices out of the planned 100,000 were bought. This result is well below the initial assumptions of the company. The high price of Magic Leap One ($ 2,295) determines the purpose of the product rather for professional developers. Additional deficiencies in the software mean that the average user will not be persuaded to buy. Although it's still a cheaper solution than competing glasses for playing in virtual reality (HoloLens are available for $ 3,500).

Magic Leap

The report also mentions that the new generation of glasses should be designed to use 5G networks, but Magic Leap One is too technologically limited.

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The effect of low sales was that the existing equipment began to be distributed to employees free of charge. The company was accused of overestimating its capabilities. Despite the huge amount of money collected, it did not live up to expectations and released an extremely unattractive product.

Source: theinformation.com

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