Messenger and Instagram users will get shared chat

By | August 14, 2019

No more switching between applications. In March, we learned that Facebook wants to closely link the Messenger, WhatApp and Instagram platforms. Integration would be to provide users with these services a shared chat, in which they could communicate. Now everything seems to indicate that work on appropriate improvements is in full swing.

The editors of the Bloomberg portal claim that Mark Zuckerberg’s team is already preparing an appropriate amendment for Instagram. The mechanisms of the Instagram Direct function, which allows the exchange of messages between users of this website, are reportedly being rebuilt using solutions built in Messenger. The whole, as you can easily guess, is to enable integration between programs. It is not known what is currently happening with WhatsApp, but it can be assumed that similar works are also carried out here or at least.

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When exactly will the universal Facebook chat debut? It is difficult to say, however, the implementation of the required patches may take some time. The company has already said that the project should be completed next year, but we should not exclude the scenario in which Mark Zuckerberg’s team could have some delays.