Microsoft has received permission to work with Huawei

By | November 23, 2019

The US Department of Commerce is getting milder. Microsoft has been positively considered with the request for cooperation with a Chinese producer. Thanks to this Huawei will again receive access to Windows 10.

Microsoft can cooperate with Huawei to the full extent

Huawei's history in this context is quite long, we described it more broadly in the publication devoted to this. We remind, however, that the Chinese producer has landed on the so-called commercial blacklist maintained by the United States Department of Commerce. This prevents cooperation with American companies, and this is extremely important contacts for Huawei. Of course, the most talks about Google, but there are definitely more companies. One of them is Microsoft, which is now in the spotlight.

From the announcement released today, we learn that on November 20, Microsoft received permission to cooperate with a Chinese manufacturer, which does not exclude "exporting software". This key, according to Wedbush Securities analysts, means that Huawei will be able to use Windows 10 in its laptops. And he will probably do it, despite the recent experiment with Linux Deepin.

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It looks like Huawei will have more reasons to be satisfied

Although this information is very important, it does not seem shocking. Already a few weeks ago, voices began to appear that the ban for Huawei will be systematically eased. The US Department of Commerce has received approximately 300 letters requesting a license to cooperate with Huawei. About one in four of them are considered positive.

As you can see, also the Americans themselves (or at least some) are out of the way with a ban for Huawei. On the other hand, there are still congressmen for whom cooperation with Huawei enabling access to American technological thought threatens the security of the state.

The most important question, however, concerns smartphones

For Huawei, the decision about Alphabet Inc. will be even more important. (Google). Currently, the Chinese manufacturer has access to the truncated version of Google Android, without Google services and support. Such software has been found in Mate 30 Pro and Mate 30 Pro, which will do well in China, but it may be much worse in other markets.

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This, moreover, concerns the general condition of the manufacturer on the smartphone market. Although in the last quarter it increased sales of these devices, it is due to good quotations in its own country, which in the long run may not be enough. The more that HarmonyOS initially referred to as an alternative on Android turns out to be the melody of the far future.

Source: reuters

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