Microsoft Office: Fluid Framework will change (collaborate) work

By | November 6, 2019

An Internet office suite that allows for seamless collaboration is Microsoft's dream. A dream that the American giant began to realize. What is Fluid Framework and how does it change the use of Microsoft Office applications?

He had announced it before and now he did it. Microsoft has enriched its online Web package with a (test) solution known as Fluid Framework. The solution, which is the basis for a new "experience" associated with cooperation on various documents.

Fluid Framework is the future of joint document creation that has already arrived

The Fluid Framework actually has several benefits and the first of these is strictly about collaboration. It makes that several people can not only make changes in one document at the same time, but also receive real-time translation of content.

Fluid Framework translation

According to Fluid Framework, it changes a rigid document into a clean canvas adapted to every person who wants to use it. The past will also be that Word is for words, Excel for numbers, and PowerPoint for visualization – we get a blank sheet of paper and we can use it the way we need it.

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Fluid Framework also means more convenient use of MS Office documents

Fluid Framework also makes that content from documents "live". What is going on? Well, for example, that in an email we can paste a table from the spreadsheet and when we make changes to the source file, the numbers will also automatically change in this "slice".

To sum up, Fluid Framework has three benefits: efficient co-creation of documents, the ability to cut out fragments updated on an ongoing basis, and compatibility with "intelligent" solutions, such as real-time text translation. Sounds like a big thing – do you think it will actually have such a big impact on how we work and cooperate?

Source: Microsoft, The Verge

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