More frequent head injuries since the release of the iPhone

By | December 6, 2019

Constantly looking at the screen of our smartphone can be dangerous. Especially when walking around the city, when a lot is going on and it is not difficult to get too early on a busy street. But are you safe from sitting in your home alone?

Who among us while lying down and browsing news on the smartphone did not hit him in the face?

Our everyday clumsiness is funny and common, but it turns out that they are becoming more and more dangerous. The evolution of phones in increasingly smart devices has been going on for many years, and their increasingly better improvements are becoming threat to an increasing number of people. Especially the clumsy ones.

In the latest research, scientists have calculated that only the emergence of smartphones packed with all notifications from social networking sites has become a threat to phone users. Older models of mobile phones were not so distracted. Easy distraction and lack of focus resulted in minor injuries, but there were also fatal accidents.

It all started with an iPhone

The first Iphone appeared in 2007 and since then the number of head and neck injuries caused by phones has increased. Research on this topic has been published by JAMA Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg.

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The research covered head and neck injuries in 1998-2017. Data was collected from the emergency departments of approximately one hundred hospitals in the United States. 2501 injuries have been reported. Researchers have calculated that this is over 76,000 injuries nationwide over the same period. 40% of injuries affected people between the ages of 13 and 19.

Mechanical injuries (such as dropping the phone onto the face) more often affected children under 13 years old and accounted for 82% of injuries in this group. However, people from 50 to 64 years old were more often exposed to accidents related to the use of smartphones.

Watch how you go!

Of course, these injuries related to use pose the greatest threat. Most accidents have resulted in simply distracting attention. Constant use of smartphones meant that people stopped paying attention to what is happening around them. With their eyes fixed on the screen, they not only write messages while walking, but also go down the stairs, run into road signs, drive cars.

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Separate paths have been set only for people using smartphones while walking. Some were happy, but in practice there is a great risk of collision of people coming from opposite directions. So let's take your eyes off the screen for a moment.

The accumulation of all kinds of accidents involving phones was the appearance of Pokémon Go madness. During the greatest popularity of this game, the Americans recorded well over 100,000 accidents, and numerous media still mentioned further cases.

Fortunately, most of our daily injuries are harmless and usually do not even require a hospital visit. Of course, you can't blame smartphone manufacturers for everything. We should use each device consciously so that when you look at the random notification, do not fall victim to more trouble than dropping the smartphone on your face.


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