Netflix is testing a new type of subscription. Watch only on your smartphone and pay half the price

By | March 22, 2019

Netflix is constantly experimenting with subscription types. After the global price increase and their lowering, as well as the exclusion of the trial period in several markets, the platform checks another idea. This is called a mobile plan that entitles you to watch movies only on your smartphone or tablet.

Mobile plan tests have started in India. A subscription of this type requires a mobile application; it is not available through the browser. In return, it tempts with a surprisingly low price.

Indian people for the standard plan have to pay 500 rupees a month, so about $ 10. A mobile plan costs exactly half as much, or 250 rupees, $ 5.

Subscriptions shorter than monthly
“We’re always looking for ways to make Netflix more affordable. We will be testing various options in selected countries, where members can view Netflix on their mobile device at a lower price and subscribe for shorter periods. “


The company is also considering subscriptions shorter than monthly. Perhaps weekly or even daily. It seems to be a great offer for someone who wants to watch only one movie, for example.

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