Nvidia Hopper – a preview of a new generation of graphics cards with MCM cores

By | December 10, 2019

Nvidia is preparing a real firecracker. If the rumors are correct, the next generation of GPUs can revolutionize the graphics card market.

We are after the premiere of all Nvidia Turing graphics cards and we are waiting for the next generation – Nvidia Ampere. However, we know that the producer secretly works on something even better. I am talking about Nvidia Hopper models.

Nvidia Hopper – graphics cards that will bring a revolution

The first rumors about the Hopper generation appeared several months ago, but this was not very reliable information. Recently, the manufacturer has registered the name in the US Patent and Trademark Office, which may suggest a good trail of leaks.

The code name Hopper refers to Grace Hopper – an American computer pioneer who collaborated in the development of translators and the first programming languages, including Cobol.

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According to unofficial reports, the Hopper generation will introduce a new approach to the construction of graphics processors – instead of a single core, Nvidia will apply here a modular MCM (Multi-Chip Module) design, which was previously used in processors (e.g. new AMD Ryzen models). If the information is confirmed, it could mean a revolution on the GPU market, allowing to create more efficient and cheaper graphics cards.

When is the premiere of Nvidia Hopper graphics cards?

Everything indicates that GPUs from the Hopper generation will be used in GeForce RTX 4000 series cards. New models will debut only after Ampere chips, so we should really expect them not earlier than in 2022 (if not later).

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