People say, “it’s a penalty for not paying for WinRAR.” Well, not really …

By | February 22, 2019
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WinRAR is certainly an extremely popular tool for archives. At the same time, this piece of the software world has been a mockery for years: despite the prompts that appear in the program, hardly anyone paid for it. That is why some people say about the latest reports on this program: “it’s a penalty for unpaid WinRAR!”

And indeed, it is not. The security error that applies to the WinRAR program does not result from the reluctance of users of the application to pay its creator. It is known, however, that in almost two decades, WinRAR has put in danger some 500 million users who have used it during this time. The security error directly affects the file UNACEV2.dll (WinRAR library), which was not used since around 2005, but was still part of the software. Using the vulnerability, it was possible to place a malicious file directly into the Startup folder, essential for Windows without elevated privileges.

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This in turn means that by using WinRAR and placing such a file in the Startup folder (every file in this folder is automatically launched at the start of Windows), you can infect your device with malware and thus gain full control of the machine. This situation is perfectly illustrated by the video that appeared along with the description of this threat resulting from the gap in the WinRAR program:

WinRAR has already reacted to this error. We no longer use ACE archives, so the file responsible for handling them is unnecessary

WinRAR reacted as fast as he could and he did it very effectively. It turns out that the file UNACEV2.dll can also be removed and this has just happened since the test version of the popular archiving program. As we have shown above, this file was responsible for the possibility of unauthorized placement of any file in the Startup folder without raising the user’s rights.