Philips accuses Fitbit and Garmin of patent infringement

By | January 13, 2020

Philips has complained to the US International Trade Commission and is demanding tariffs or an import ban. He claims that the company's patents and intellectual property have been infringed.

Philips complains about Fitbit and Garmin

Philips says Fitbit and Garmin devices violate patented technologiessuch as activity tracking and motion detection. Apparently, Philips negotiations with companies lasted three years, but did not bring the expected result.

Fitbit defends strongly against all allegations in the complaint and claims that claims are unfounded and are the result of Philips' failure in the market for smart wearable devices.

Now the American Committee on International Trade (ITC) is about to enter, which has agreed to initiate an investigation and is to make its decision as soon as possible. Monitoring devices manufactured by Fitbit and Garmin will be thoroughly tested. The Commission will also look at the production equipment of the California company Ingram Micro, as well as the Chinese companies Maintek Computer and Inventec Appliances.

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Patent fighters often use ITC complaints instead of lawsuits. The civil trial can take a long time, and in this way you can get a faster verdict and push for a settlement.

Intelligent monitoring devices have become very popular. Many people who take care of their physical condition and engage in sports use such devices to check the progress of their activity, distance traveled, heart rhythm and other indicators.

Philips was a little late with his smartwatch model, releasing it in 2016. Other companies were far ahead of him and had an advantage in the market. Regardless of the motivation of Philips, this can be a good chance for him to achieve benefits. Especially when Google buys Fitbit for over $ 2 billion.

Source: Engadget

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