PlayStation 5 – photo of the Dev Kit development version

By | October 19, 2019

Game developers already have a prototype of the PlayStation 5 console. The photo of this design has a lot to do with earlier graphics published on the web.

Are you waiting for PlayStation 5? There is still a lot of time left to launch the new console, but the developers have already got engineering versions of PS5. A photo of this construction has leaked into the network.

PlayStation 5 console

The upcoming Sony console is to offer completely new possibilities. We are talking about a much more efficient processor, fast SSD media and Blu-ray drive. A new pad will also appear with the new console.

The processor used is an original design developed by AMD. The unit will offer support for ray-tracing technique and 8K resolution, and the solid state carrier will eliminate loading of game levels.

Dev Kit PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 Dev Kit

The development version (called dev kit) has a lot in common with graphics that have previously appeared on the web. Attention is drawn to the V-shaped housing with large ventilation holes.

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The front has an optical drive slot and five buttons. Six USB ports have been led out on the right (including one USB 2.0 type B and at least three USB 3.0 versions).

It is worth remembering that the picture shows a prototype of the console, so in principle they should be treated only as a curiosity. The final version of PlayStation 5 will probably look completely different. How exactly? We will find out only at the end of the year – then PS5 is to debut.

Source: ZONEofTECH

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