PlayStation 5 Pro can hit the market simultaneously with PS5

By | September 20, 2019

In the current generation, the better-equipped Sony console with the note "Pro" appeared on the market with some delay. However, with PlayStation 5 players can have a choice right away.

Next year, PlayStation 5 will go on sale. Sony itself is very economical in serving news about this console, resulting in an avalanche of rumors. One of them suggests that although the basic version itself will be well equipped, the PS5 Pro variant will debut on the market offering even more.

PlayStation 5 Pro simultaneously with the "basic" PS5?

The rumor about PlayStation 5 Pro can be classified as probable because it comes from a Japanese journalist named Zenji Nishikawa, whose earlier reports about Nintendo Switch Lite have recently been confirmed in an official announcement. Of course, this information still cannot be treated as certain.

However, the simultaneous release of the basic and super-efficient variants may make sense. We observe a similar strategy on the smartphone market, for example, and it works very well.

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PS5 for regular players and PS5 Pro for hardcore riders

For now, we know about PlayStation 5 so that it has an AMD 8-core processor based on Zen 2 microarchitecture, a Navi graphic system and super-fast SSD media. Already the basic model may cost 3000-4000 PLN, but Sony may assume that there will be those willing to spend even more and immediately enjoy the new quality of the game. Would be wrong?

Source: Wccftech