Polish sky will open to drones

By | October 19, 2019

Drones are already present in our country, but so far they are only toys in the hands of amateurs or professional tools for recording movies from a 'bird's eye view'. They are also slowly being used for inspection purposes, but the "sky revolution" is yet to come.

The sky over Polish cities may soon be filled with freight drones. As Rzeczpospolita reports, tests of the autonomous flying machine will be carried out at the beginning of next month in Warsaw. Specifically, this will be the Hermes medical drone developed by the native manufacturer, Spartaqs.

Freight drones will be tested in Warsaw

Along with the medical parcel, Hermes will set off from the Regional Blood Donation Center in Saska Kępa, will rise to a height of 150 meters and fly over 8 kmto land at the Institute of Cardiology in Anin. Is this a big challenge? On the one hand, yes, but on the other, the Polish Chamber of Unmanned Systems successfully completed field tests at twice the distance.

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The test organizers are rather sure that it will be successful, which is why the answer to the question "what next?" Seems more interesting. Well, the goal is proposing a new type of transport of goods in the city, to avoid traffic jams and reduce costs. This way not only medical samples can be sent, but also ordinary courier parcels.

Drone couriers are getting closer

Drone supplies have been talked about for a long time, and the development of technology makes this concept is getting closer to realization. In Poland, Poczta Polska, courier companies and Amazon are interested in such a solution. It is the global e-commerce giant that has the most experience in testing this form of transport.

The ultimate goal is to develop technology to the extent that drones do not only perform single "missions" but they could deliver parcels to customers on a daily basis: whether it is business or private. The successful final allows us to believe in the involvement of the Civil Aviation Authority and the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency in this project. Apart from Warsaw, the cities of the Upper Silesian conurbation and Toruń want to share their piece of heaven.

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Source: Rzeczpospolita, inf. own

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